Electric Adjustable Home Beds

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Our electric adjustable beds can be of help those who suffer from joint pain, mobility issues or other conditions or ailments, to be able to find a comfortable sleeping position that can be changed at the touch of a button. Elevating or lowering sections of the bed, our electric adjustable beds help support your body during sleep, while reading or relaxing. 

Many people find that the ability to adjust the angles of different parts of the bed as well as providing comfort, helps with transfers in and out of bed. Our bed range also looks good, so anyone that is "put off" from buying a medical profiling bed, find that our range looks and feels like a normal home bed.

We have models that can accommodate one single mattress and others that offer 2 individual "single" mattresses, sometimes referred to as a dual mattress system, that can operate and adjust both mattresses separately from each other. Most beds are available in multiple sizes.

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